The following is an email I received from my co-worker and brother in Christ David Triana. He was commenting on an email I sent about taking action to oppose the Sotomayor nomination. As he signs his letter, David is a proud Conservative American of Hispanic descent.

Sonia Sotomayor

Sonia Sotomayor

    David: Forward this to your Conservative connections! To Rush, To Hannitty, to Levin and yes, to the spineless Evangelical leadership at those national organizations we have “supposedly representing us” Evangelicals.

    Conservatives have always been at the forefront of the “good figths” within the GOP. Somehow, and I don’t know the reasons, in the last several years we have become a bunch of “talkers” with little action.

    As a nation, we have become a “Nation of whiners” taking all the bologna thrown at us, “complaining a little” and then going right back to “our busy lives” while our nation disintegrates socially! But “what do I care” when it has not affected me directly? I’m sure that goes through the minds of MILLIONS every day. Unfortunately, it goes through the minds of MILLIONS and MILLIONS of CONSERVATIVES too and more tragically, through the minds of EVANGELICALS. What a shame!

    Whether that is the Social Conservatives, the Fiscal Conservatives or the Evangelicals, we have broken down into several “little camps” without thinking that fracturing the Conservative movement (which is already a minority in the RINO laden GOP, especially at its highest State and National levels), we have in fact “lost” our position of power due to this terrible approach which does not serve you well in politics.

    So what do we do? UNITE, that’s what we do. Conservatives MUST unite, I hope and pray we have a leader or two amongst our conservative factions that will lead the way in this. Because in unity we will prevail and “save our GOP” and in fact save our nation from these shameless liberals that our disunity has brought to power. Our disunity has kept in power a mafia of RINOs that don’t care which way elections go, they can still make their money and deals!

    Indeed, Sotomayor has a bunch of things we can attack. But it has to be done in UNITY of PURPOSE, so that once again they don’t paint our party as “that one that HATES hispanics” which I know is not true but that we allowed the Liberals to successfully do during immigration reform.

    Confront Sotomayor with her own words and deeds, acknowledge her rags to riches story but that story is ONLY A REALITY because she happens to be an American! Make sure that distinction is made. Because remember, Liberals are always talking about “how hateful, racist, and devoid of sympathy our society is”.

    As you know, when it comes to confronting Evangelicals, you do so with what the Word says. The Word itself convicts them.

    So thus, Sotomayor must be confronted with her own words!

    Both Sotomayor and THE ONE himself are the products of what this wonderful nation is and does. Whenever they say otherwise, throw it right back on their faces.

    In Florida, CONSERVATIVES have been given a great chance to do likewise, by confronting the dastardly Liberal Crist.

    So my challenge to you all, as a Hispanic American, “fight” this Sotomayor nomination with all your might, “fight” Crist in Florida. Even if we lose, we will have created the foundation for the Conservative cause to tell the “GOP”, no more of this nonsense.

    As you say David, Republicans are more apt to “vote for the Conservative” than Conservatives are apt to vote for the RINO! We need to make sure the party apparatus knows this once and for all. Especially those like Chairman Greer right here in our beautiful Florida.

    Are we going to “act”, or will we continue to just “talk!”

    God Bless

    David Triana
    A proud Conservative American of Hispanic descent!

I’m ready to join the fight…are you?

I’ll be sending my blast fax in the morning.

It will be a $20 well spent.


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