No doubt many pro-family organizations and individuals are rejoicing over the California Supreme Court’s ruling today on Proposition 8, which defines marriage as the union of a man and a woman.

What will probably be lost in all the celebration is the court’s wrongful ruling that Proposition 8 was not retroactive. In their defense of this ruling the court stated denying the recognition of those “marriages” would disrupt “thousands of actions taken in reliance on (last year’s ruling) by these same-sex couples, their employers, their creditors, and many others … potentially undermining the ability of citizens to plan their lives according to the law as it has been determined by this state’s highest court…” (Emphasis added)

It is my point of emphasis in the above quote where I disagree with the court. In my September 2008 Christian Web News article, “California Gay Marriage Hoax,” I wrote:

    Gay marriage is not legal in California; it never has been. In fact, it was for all intents and purpose struck down by the people of California when Proposition 22 was passed. Just because four, only four judicial activists declared gay marriage legal in California in and of itself does not make it legal. The California constitution only allows for the revocation of a voter-approved ballot initiative by the voters themselves.

So why would the California Supreme Court consider illegal gay marriages as legal, or as I asked in the article:

    So how have we come to do this, the courts usurping the will of the people? Because we have two other branches of government AWOL.

I have been given the great privilege under God’s favor to be schooled by and work with such stalwart constitutional warriors as John Haskins, Gregg Jackson, Steve Deace, Rev. Earle Fox, Dr. Alan Keyes, and these men have been decrying the illegal altering of marriage certificates in California by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Governor Schwarzenegger followed the hellish example set by then Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney when he first instituted illegal same-sex marriage in America.

Now Iowa Governor Chet Culver has followed these two Republican governors’ example.

Today the California constitution, and indirectly the US Constitution, was partially protected. Our republic is being ravaged by judicial activism and executive and legislative surrender.

Now is the time for the many “pro-family” organization leaders such as the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins, American Center for Law and Justice’s Jay Sekulow, Vice President of Public Policy for Focus on the Family Tom Minnery, Liberty Council’s Mat Staver and Matt Barber, too name just a few, to come out and vow to go to their beloved court system and reverse all illegal same-sex marriages not only in California, but also Massachusetts and Iowa.

Let’s see if these pro-family organizations are willing to fight the good fight in the courts to call out these judicial activists. Let’s see if they can mobilize Californians, Massachusettsians, and Iowans to hold accountable all Supreme Court justices who wrongfully ruled on these cases.

Furthermore, these organizations should mobilize voters to hold accountable every state legislator who refuses to stand by the rule of law and legislatively overrule these judicial rulings. If not, then the question bears asking why are we giving millions of dollars a year to these organizations? If you cannot answer that question clearly then I suggest you do as I have…stop giving!

Lastly, Governors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Chet Culver need to be removed from office for refusing to protect and defend their respective state constitutions as they vowed to do. Mitt Romney must be exposed as their counterfeit conservative he is and all public figures falsely propping this charlatan up as a conservative need to be held accountable.

There is a stirring in America. We the people must take every difficult step to win back our liberty, protect and defend our constitution, both federal and state, and we must never again allow elected officials and public servants to forget where they get their power and for whom they work.


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