Below is an email I received from a very good friend, Army Lieutenant Colonel Joe Myers. It is indeed the reality of Memorial Day…

    On Wednesday I went on a trip to Baymian at the invitation of our pol-mil counselor. Baymian, that is where the Bhuddas once stood before the Taliban dynamited sits in a high plateau river valley…It had all the makings of a great day and the helo ride up there revealed tremendous mountain vistas and colors.

    The other folks on the trip were from CSTC-A, the training command with three from their J-2 shop…before we left we heard there was an IED attack outside of Kabul…after we arrived and toured the New Zealand FOB we learned the convoy hit was on its way to an Intel conference at Bagram…and it killed a female AF LT from their J-2 shop, she died of her wounds enroute to the hospitol and also killed an MPRI mentor [retired Army LTC]…

    I ended that day on Bagram Airfield for the Ramp Ceremony to send those two home.

    It had rained just before the troops began to form and and when the showers stopped a large rainbow formed beyond the airfield arching above the ceremonial aircraft…

    The COL through the day had tried to maintain his composure, but even he shed tears when talking about her; a Navy LT was apparently very close to her, and he cried at the news and then became silent and reclusive.

    The cermony was all quickly rehearsed under the guidance of Command SGTs Majors, with a BG from CSTC-A and the COL.

    The LT, she had been a top AF Academy grad from her class.

    Troops of all stripes lined the route with the HMWV carrying the flag draped coffins; the AF lined up to the aircraft as the caskets were carried between the rows. A band played softly and we stood solemnly casket side as the chaplains from three traditions each offered prayers.

    Then we went three at a time, from our small formation, to salute the two fallen …all impromptu but well executed.

    I was wearing Eddie wrist band, and felt like he was there too.

    It personalized for me, this Memorial Day.

    Dave thank you for your service and we remember Eddie’s sacrifice and all the fallen.

    vr/ Joe
    LTC Joseph Myers

    “Paradise lies under the shade of swords”
    Sahi Bukhari V4B5N73

Joe uses that quote to remind all of the enemy we face…


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