The response from many of you about “You Scare Me” by Lou Pritchett was total agreement with Lou’s assessment of Barack Obama. Many of you share Lou’s concerns.

A couple of days after Obama was elected, Lou published in the Florida Times/Union the his second article on America.

    Farewell America–We’ll really miss you!

    Farewell to the America we have loved for two centuries and hello to a new far-left driven president who promised change and will most likely deliver on it.

    Farewell, to an America driven by individuals with strong work ethics to one which will resemble French, German, and British societies where big government, big welfare, union controlled labor, four day work weeks, ten week vacations are the rule. Societies which constantly ask “—where’s mine?”

    Farewell to capitalism, job creation, lower taxes, smaller government, fewer entitlements, safer cities, personal responsibility and sound work ethics.

    Farewell to adequate military defense spending to protect us from our enemies who wish and plan to kill us.

    Farewell to close ties with our best and only friend in the middle east—Israel.

    Farewell to maintaining a conservative Supreme Court.

    Farewell to any chance of keeping Health Care out of the hands and control of government.

    Farewell to the famous American standard of living–a magnet to the world.

    Farewell to conservative ‘talk radio’ as an antidote to the biased media. The Fairness Doctrine will return.

    Farewell to any hope for educating our college kids in something other than liberal mush.

    Today is truly a sad day for millions of Americans as they slowly allow the election results to sink in.

    Today, for the first time in modern history, America took a giant step toward changing not only the direction, but the entire character of the country from free enterprise driven to big government driven.

    Our only hope is to start now planning and building a strong conservative base which can reclaim the Presidency and Congress in four years and start repairing the damage.

    God help us if we fail.

    Lou Pritchett

Tomorrow we will look at Lou’s third article.


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