You know that I am intent on bringing political and moral clarity into the fog of political correctness. But political correctness is not just something the Left does; it is in the Church, the so-called conservative movement, and very much so inside the Republican Party.

Well I am on a mission to glorify God with biblical truth and no matter where that takes me or who I have to oppose, I will follow wherever my Lord leads me. I have not taken any delight in seeing my conservative heroes being exposed for the charlatans they are, nevertheless the truth must win out.

I ask that you read the American Right to Life’s press release from last week and then watch this YouTube video titled “The Ann Coulter Hang-ups” that has gone viral. Folks, if we want true conservatism, the type that Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan envisioned, we have some hard choices to make.

This video and press release cost the American Right to Life 100 production hours and $1000 to publish so if you can give just $5 we can easily see the whole cost covered just by Salt and Light readers. Thank you in advance.


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