Before you read the brilliant piece by Frances Rice, chairman of the National Black Republican Association

    Frances Rice

…I ask that you read the article I wrote for the New Media Journal about Black Liberation Theology titled, “Automatically Under Suspicion.” Once you finish reading the article, and keeping it in mind, please come back here to read Ms. Rice’s denouncement of the Obama Administration.

By Frances Rice

Those Americans who voted for President Barack Hussein Obama believed that, by electing a black man as our president, we, as a nation, would finally end the racial divisiveness that has torn our country asunder since the days of slavery. Well, that optimistic notion was dealt a killing blow when newly minted black Attorney General Eric Holder, Obama’s minion, declared that, on the issue of race, America is a nation of cowards. No credit for courage is allowed for those who voted for Obama on blind faith.

Holder’s outrageous and insulting declaration is a harbinger of Obama’s sinister scheme to use race as a weapon to bludgeon Americans into submitting to his socialist will – supporters and non-supporters alike.

This despicable race mongering by Democrats is not new. Decades ago, the Democratic Party developed the strategy of exploiting black American grievances in order to demonize the Republican Party and win votes. Holder’s remark is a clear signal that Obama will continue to stoke the fires of racism and resentment, perpetuating the Democratic Party’s insidious, race-baiting tactics. Tactics that are now run out of the White House – presidential style.

Americans are decent, hard-working people and do not deserve to be defamed as cowards by Obama and his minions for partisan political gain. Whatever cowardice exists in this nation stems from the fear of being labeled as racist for daring to subject black Democrats to equal opportunity criticism and humor.

In the liberal world, however, black Republicans are fair game for racial denigration. Just ask RNC Chairman Michael Steele, Dr. Condoleezza Rice and Justice Clarence Thomas.

We are fed up. We Americans will no longer cower in fear of being called racist because we dare to criticize or pork fun at Obama or any black Democrat.

The Democrats’ last race-baiting straw has hit America’s back.

I ended my article with:

After reading Dr. Cone’s Black Theology and Black Power it is easy to understand how Reverend Jeremiah Wright could preach the caustic messages he preached; it fits perfectly with Black Theology. The only question left unanswered is how much of this theology stuck with Barack Obama after sitting under this teaching for nearly twenty years.

It is clear to me that Black Liberation Theology is not only prevalent in President Obama’s psyche, no matter his protestations of Reverend Wright, but also that Attorney General Holder’s disdain for Americans, knowingly or unknowingly, mirrors the teaching of Dr. Cone:

    White people should not even expect blacks to love them, and to ask for it merely adds insult to injury.
    (P. 21, Black Theology and Black Power)

As Ms. Rice wrote, the only cowardice in America when it comes to race is America’s fear of being called a racist.

The fear stops today…