Whenever I have a conversation, aka debate, with a liberal one of the quickest ways to earn his or her ire is to tell said liberal that Democrats not only do not trust Americans to spend our own hard-earned cash, but they also believe the government, Big Government, knows best how to spend your cash.

I hear guffaws and harrumphs from the likes of Alan Colmes, Bob Bechtel, and Susan Estrich that “the old-tired, warn out liberals are trying to steal your money” argument just doesn’t hold water. We are told that the Democrats are the party of the people.

Just like he Kerried our troops for being too stupid to get a job, Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts, the man who was only 130,000 Ohioan votes from the White House, has proved my point. Check out this speech from the Senate floor (hat tip to Larwyn for this video):

The only good thing about the Democrats’ boldness is that they are revealing what it is they are actually trying to do to our country and our liberty. It would not be so bad if they were not getting help from “our side”…RINOs and GOP turncoats.

Fear not! Part of my bringing political and moral clarity into the fog of political correctness will be to point out these “fine Republicans and Conservatives” who would not know Reaganomics if they were being strangled by it.


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