I want to share an email I got last night from a wonderful woman named Carolyn. She has eloquently written and expressed the frustration many of us are feeling right now. She has some articles from the New Media Journal, including some of Eddie’s and one of Buzz Patterson’s articles. Please read this posting very thoroughly and read all the links; they are important. We as Americans are being hoodwinked by the media and the Democratic leadership all for the sake of political power, regardless the cost to our nation. This must not stand!

This is another “slap me upside the head” entry that I don’t know how well it’s going to go over. As I was reading tonight, I came across a story about the war in Iraq, and how, after hearing more and more cut and run talk even from the Republican side, I just had to think of something to pass along. For the past few weeks, I have become a little war weary – listening too much to the mainstream I guess. All I ever hear and see is how many of our soldiers are dying, how many Iraqis are dying, horror upon horror with pictures of doom and gloom. It’s hard not to buy into this, especially since we also have to hear about how badly we are losing this war from our hollowed halls of Washington. It’s not only Reid, Pelosi and Murtha anymore. If I’m tired, I can understand why polls show that more and more Americans want the war to end now.

Well, after reading (and re-reading) more stories that have never appeared in the mainstream media, I have a new second wind…and I do believe, that if some people would just SHUT UP we CAN WIN THIS WAR.

I am absolutely disgusted with the liberal and RINO left who are doing all they can to lose this here at home – just like they did during Vietnam. All those, like blowhard Kennedy, who have constantly compared this war to Vietnam have it right actually – the war will be just like ‘Nam if the same crowd who, from the steps in Washington lost that war; continue to do the same thing now. Do I sound frustrated and angry? Maybe because there are actually soldiers on the ground in Iraq and politicians who actually go to Iraq, and even some reporters who go with the soldiers to tour Iraq who think we are winning with this surge. Maybe I am angry, because for so long (as long as this war has lasted) there are those who have done so much to dishearten our troops, demoralize our troops and embolden and enable the enemy – that now many in America happen to believe it too. From the same old “Bush Lied and People Died” speech, the “Impeach Bush/Cheney” talk, to the “we’re only in it for the oil” crud I keep hearing – it makes me sick because I have read so much from actual testimony, from the lips of certain politicians and talking heads, that yes there were real threats from Saddam, links to Al Qaeda, weapons of mass destruction, but no one believes it anymore.

I’m getting too far off my point though. Listen folks – I have a feeling that many, if not all of my regular readers know that there is a real threat that whether or not we win this war, the enemy will still come, if they aren’t already here and just biding time. I am sure that you all know just how evil this enemy is – but if you think you’ve heard enough, I’d suggest you keep on looking past the mainstream, and do some digging for yourselves. With seemingly endless amount of what has been called “Bush Derangement Syndrome”, we have people political and lobbyists, elitist and journalist, who hate not only Bush, but the whole premise of American values. What used to be held in high regard about this great nation up until about 25 years ago, and even our roles in WWI and WWII – they hate so much, that it seems like they would even be willing to hand over a victory to the enemy rather than to have history show that America won. They can’t tolerate this President being shown as a great war president, up there with the ranks of Lincoln and Roosevelt. Now, I’m not saying that I think they want us to lose – but I darn well don’t think they want us to win either.

So which will it be folks? Agree with Congress, who just today passed a resolution to ignore the fact that the surge is working, and pull our troops out, or do we want to let the surge and our troops do their job? Do we want Islam to spread here as fast as it has in Europe and Britain, to where we may have Sharia law, or do we want to win freedom, not only for ourselves, but for Iraqis, and many other countries as well?

What I read today disturbed me, made me cry, because again, our soldiers seem to be targets not only for Al Qaeda but also our own Congress and media – from Abu Ghraib, to Haditha – while things like this go on, and not a peep from anyone. A long time ago, when the Abu Ghraib story broke, and we were seeing those horrible torturous photos of prisoners wearing underwear on their heads, I pointed out the fact that those loud-mouthed talking heads we have for Senators and Congressmen had also recently seen video of Saddam and company torturing innocent Iraqis. Real torture mind you, like cutting off heads, feet and hands, not to mention the beheading and dragging then the burning of our soldiers who were kidnapped and tortured (not with underwear – with machetes). Now picture this – if this enemy – those who claim victory for Allah, are willing to cut off heads and burn our soldiers, if they are willing to burn children alive and serve them to their parents at meal times, if they are willing to cut off heads of young girls who happen to be Christian, if they are willing to use children in car bombings, if they are willing to stone people for what in America these days would pass for a first time date, what do you think they would do if they came here?! Do these antiwar people have any clue?! Do the Pelosi’s and Reid’s have any clue what Islamic Jihadists would happily do to them or their family members?!

Please people, I know I have a limited readership here – and I value each one of you so much – but for the sake of our soldiers and for this country, please, pass this along to as many people as you know. Even those of you in the UK because I know many of you feel the same about your wonderful country and with your new Prime Minister saying that the House is not allowed to use the term Islam or Muslim in the same breath as terrorist, you folks too have a long road ahead if we really want to defeat this enemy.

Please pass this along, read all the links here and call your representatives in both the Senate and House. Tell them they must start supporting our troops’ mission; tell them they must support the surge and see this job through or we just might not have a country left for them to run. The fat lady hasn’t sung yet, but if something’s not done soon, she’ll be walking on stage.

Note – Some of the documents on the links are from the Avalon Project. There are many documents dating from the 90’s and through Sept.11, that show how early (meaning before Bush took office) that show that Clinton and others knew there was a real threat from Saddam and Iraq with WMD. If you dig deep enough, you find lots of stuff.

Carolyn’s Journal Entry – July 12, 2007