“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.”

Albert Einstein

The conservative movement in America (not that it can be clearly identified anymore) is at a crossroad. The question that must be answered is will the movement that attaches itself to Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan follow the truth no matter where it leads?

From many of the responses and actions I am seeing from those who fancy themselves the shakers and movers of the conservative movement the answer is no.

Last Wednesday I submitted to a leading online conservative publication a blog post that was highly critical of the Bart Stupak and the pro-life movement. I titled the post “Pro-life voters are being duped”. Below is a link to the post as submitted (you will need Abode Reader to open the link):

Pro-life voters are being duped

I did not expect this publication to run with this but I nevertheless appreciated their considering and I told them so in answer to the following rejection email:

    1. Your viewpoint is extreme. While we are very tolerant of different political views, yours is a point of view that would make most of our readers uncomfortable.

    2. You can’t call the pro-life groups you mention liars. Even the pro-life constitutional amendment grants the exceptions to abortion you find objectionable.

    3. Ditto Stupak

    Blog Editor

I’m not publishing the name of the editor or the online publication because I want to save them unneeded harassment. Their response is just endemic of the sickness within the conservative movement. What I do want to do is address the response and the editors will be able to read this.

The approach I want to take is to help educate everyone in how the truth is being carelessly handled; it is not to single out any one individual or entity. I want us all who describe ourselves as conservatives to stop and think for a moment.

    “Your viewpoint is extreme.”

Yes it is; it is extremely unwavering when it comes to the truth. Notice that the editor did not dispute one fact that I stated in the post submission. That’s because my facts are solid. He did not dispute my point of view as being incorrect, just that it “would make most of our readers uncomfortable.” The truth can make us uncomfortable as I wrote about in my devotional last Friday:

Uncomfortable Truth

Mr. Editor, as John Adams said, facts are stubborn things and we don’t get to pick, choose, or alter the facts just because they make us “uncomfortable.” Of course you have the right to not publish these facts based on your readers comfort level, but that does not alter the facts. A refusal to explore this issue does not make it less important to America.

Tomorrow we’ll address my not being able to call “the pro-life groups you mention liars”.

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