Hat tip to Lance Fairchok for this.

Fellow conservatives, I want you to buck up and steel those nerves of yours, and more importantly, get your checkbooks ready.

The Republican National Committee has come out with the perfect membership drive plan and it has six exciting elements to it.

A six-step plan to return the party to Reagan Conservatism you ask? Um no…

Then a six-paragraph mea culpa for their pathetic performance these past six years? Not actually…

No, the secret six part weapon begins with Nick who you can meet with your $35 donation and then following Nick will be Max, Maxine, Patrick, Victor and Sam and you can get all of them for $150 donation.

I know you can’t take it anymore, so without further adieu, MEET NICK!!!

I know, I know, I’m being cruel by not showing you the other five, so has an early holiday treat for you, click Little Nick’s belly and presto, you’ll see the whole gang together.

I don’t know about you but I’m fired up! The only thing they could have done better than using elephants is to use rhinos or is it RINOs?


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