It has been nearly three weeks since my last post; much has been going on in my personal life, all for the good. My oldest daughter Tiffany was married on June 16 and my son Eddie came home on R&R from Iraq the same day. We have had a blessed 11 days and we thank God for His blessing and give Him all the praise.

Now, being as busy as I’ve been doesn’t mean I haven’t been watching what is happening in the political arena; quite the contrary. I’ve also been busy calling, emailing, and faxing my two lawbreaker-supporting senators here in Florida. As I’m sure most of you already know, the Senate voted for cloture on the immigration bill which pretty much means they voted to approve it. Now some of the mealy-mouthed Republican Senators will tell you that they wanted to begin the debate so they can shine the light on these arguments, but now instead of needing 60 votes to move this bill forward, they only need 51 votes to pass this amnesty bill.

Here’s the bottom line on all the political smokescreen these turncoat Republicans are trying to blow up your backside. They will tell you that they wanted to debate but that they will vote against the bill and they will bring up amendment after amendment to “fix” the bill all the while knowing that all their efforts will be for nothing. What they are counting on is that next year or whenever they come up for reelection they’ll be able to hoodwink you by saying, “Hey I voted against the immigration bill!”

The problem is that we have their number and we will be there to remind them. I want you to look at Roll Call on Cloture Vote on Immigration Bill to see how your senators voted on cloture. Those that voted “yea” knew that meant in essence they were voting for passing this bill and a “nay” vote meant they were opposing the bill.

Part of being “salt and light” means we stop the spread of decay and shine the light on darkness so I have come up with a list of Senators up for reelection next year, in 2010, and 2012. We will not let these 64 Senators who voted for this cloture get away with this without having to explain their position. Here is a list titled Senators Vote on Cloture for Immigration Bill and Their Reelection Year, please take a close look and put it up for quick reference. If your Senator voted for cloture and is up for reelection next year, go ahead and call their office and let them know that you will do all you can to make them unemployed come January 2009.

We conservatives should take advantage of the ire that is within the Republican Party and get rid of the RINOs and get behind the candidacy of Fred Thompson for President. He should be announcing sometime next week, as early as Tuesday, and he can ride this wave of anger all the way to the White House. The current occupant doesn’t care 5 cents for your opinion right now and neither do the 64 Senators who voted for cloture. But hey, President Bush, his White House minions, and the Superior Sixty-Four realize that you’re just a bunch of racists and don’t want to do what’s right for the country.

Here’s the problem with all you numbskulls: you think amnesty is when someone comes to our country illegally, breaking the law, is given legal status immediately through the Z Visa after paying $1000 and if you decide to apply for citizenship, pay an additional $4000, for a staggering $5000, admit you were wrong, and pass a background check. A $1000 fine is what you pay for littering in California and that somehow equates to being punished for being in our country illegally. Even though it doesn’t fit the “definition” of amnesty, as a US citizen try breaking into someone’s house and see if you can get off scott-free with just a confession and a $1000 fine. A synonym for amnesty is reprieve and if this bill isn’t a reprieve from our current immigration laws, then I don’t know what is!

Many conservative talk radio hosts think this could fracture the Republican Party. GOOD! It needs a good fracturing, kind of like turning over the topsoil so we can plant some new conservative seeds in the form of real conservative candidates. It is time for “we the people” to rise up (exactly as we have been) and let these charlatans in the Republican Party know that they are no longer welcome. And we don’t need to stop with the candidates; much of the party apparatus, national, state, and local, are embedded with loyal party hacks that will toe the line just to keep their positions. We can fix that too but it means actually getting involved, attending county and state party meetings and conventions, and electing strong conservatives as delegates. If we are smart, aggressive, and relentless, we can turn the pendulum in the Republican Party back to the Goldwater/Reagan principles that is the foundation of conservatism.

That is exactly what a conservative can do!

Here’s a link you can use to fax your senators: Numbers USA