Folks, Karen and I could not be prouder to see the wonderful gospel group InnerFire reaching new heights of success. Bernie and Faith Joyner, and Scotty and Johnna Carroll are the heart and soul of InnerFire. While Scotty is in the background running the sound and bringing God’s message during their intermission, InnerFire is Bernie, Faith, and Johnna blending their beautiful vocals.

They have already been interviewed numerous time, including our own Greg Allen of The Right Balance, and now they have their first video interview. Check out the YouTube below and if the short lady in the middle of the video looks somewhat familiar that is because those of you who know Karen there is a striking resemblance. Faith is the daughter of Karen’s brother Randy Ritchie and his wife Barbara. Faith’s husband Bernie is one of the Timothy’s in my life and I love him like a son.

Enjoy the video below and as Rob in the video says, if you want to be cool you’ll want to go by InnerFire’s website and get your CD before they become a national phenomeon.