Folks, my post Friday night “McMentum” has generated a lot of comments and rightfully so. There is a lot of information about how the race is going, including the hard-to-believe information provided to Jim Quinn in the audio link on the “McMentum” post.

Comments range from “I can believe it could happen” to “pull your head out of the sand.” Some are declaring an “Obamaslide” while other pollsters, including some of the internals I’ve seen, say it is too close to call. I believe the latter to be true.

Senator Obama cannot be satisfied knowing that the latest IBD/TIPP poll, the most accurate of the 2004 presidential election, shows him well under the magic 50% margin and barely a 2-point lead over John McCain coming out of this weekend. The most disturbing news for him is that there are still over 8% undecided.

When there is an incumbent in office, the undecideds usually break for the challenger 2:1, and that is why the Obama campaign has tried to paint McCain as four more years of President Bush. However this year’s undecideds are a decidedly different group of voters.

A large number of these undecideds supported Hillary Clinton for President and most of them are none too enamored with Barack Obama. An Associated Press story, that was picked up by the Patriot Room, acknowledges that many of the undecideds are from the PUMA crowd (Party Unity My A–) and could strongly break for McCain.

So if you have not voted yet and are still undecided, may I reinvite you to read my latest article “For the Greater Good” and I think the Yogi Berra approach to this election is the best one to take:

“It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over!”