Man, are the libs furious over the Dems capitulating! As Rush Limbaugh pointed out today, how could the Dems give up on timetables to get out of Iraq if the election in November ’06 was a mandate for them to do so? Why is it that Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi can’t get this legislation passed? Because the grassroots, many of you, have let Congress know that we will not tolerate de-funding the troops and cutting and running the way they did in Vietnam.

I’ve uploaded a post from the Daily Kos liberal blog and the anti-war crowd are spitting mad. In a post titled, “Channel Your Fury,” Meteor Blades actually does a good job in his or her analogy on the Dems surrender. (Please read before going on)

The one thing Meteor Blades so conveniently fails to remember when castigating “Some of these infuriators are House Blue Dogs, some are conservative Dems in the Senate, and they, to say it frankly, are holding the party hostage to a strategy of folding instead of raising,” is that it is exactly this bloc of Democrats that won them both houses. Hey Meteor Blades, you want to be infuriated with someone, blame Rahm Emanuel who poured millions of Democrat dollars to elect these House Blue Dogs. Blame Chuckie Schumer for working hard to get the conservative Dems in the Senate elected. The problem with your two “leaders” is they thought they could bully these freshmen congressmen into submission after they were sworn in. Dang, it seems as though these dudes actually meant what they said. I almost feel sorry for you guys, you never saw it coming; I mean you can almost understand how that could happen in the GOP (although that happens about as much today as we drill oil in America!), but for a Dem to actually stand on conservative values, I mean, it’s almost like, oh my gosh, could it be, there are a bunch of new Joe Liebermans running around Capitol Hill?!!

One thing that Meteor Blades is right about: the Dems either got completely snookered by Bush to wait until after September or they were hoping their base wouldn’t notice. You give them no respect! Although many are crazed anti-war hippies, the Left has very informed and highly active bloggers.

As you see Meteor Blades trying to rally the troops to try to defeat this new bill, we need to reinforce our side with emails, faxes, and phone calls thanking the President and GOP for standing firm on not giving in to timetables. Man, could you imagine what the Republican Party and the Bush Presidency would be like if they could actually muster up this type of spinal strength all the time? Yeah, I know, the GOP’s Spinal Osteoporosis seems to be worse than first diagnosed as evidenced by the immigration bill.

Well then, it looks like its time for the conservative grass roots to prop up these Ronald Reagan wannabes for the next 18 months before we swear in a new President and Congress.

Speaking of GOP candidates, it is looking more and more of a reality that Fred Thompson will be announcing his candidacy before too long. I think this weekend during the Memorial Day remembrance would be a good contrast to John Edwards’ call for anti-war demonstrations.

I want to make a prediction here on Salt and Light: it is a high probability that our next President will be a former senator from Tennessee, regardless of what party wins. Just think we will have an actor who portrayed President Ulysses S. Grant (Fred Thompson = Ronald Reagan) and an actor who portrayed President Clinton’s Vice President and a global warming expert (huh? Oh yeah, the inconvenient truth is that Algore actually was Vice President). Any bets on which candidate will win Tennessee?