Yesterday I sent Senator Harry Reid a copy of a video compiled by Frank Salvato of the New Media Journal titled, “The Blood on Your Hands.” It is powerful and riveting! In the package I included a copy of Eddie’s article, “Hope Rides Alone.” Now am I naive enough to believe it will sway Senator Reid’s stance on the war being lost? I only look stupid! Nevertheless, I want the Senate Majority Leader and the rest of the Democrats to know that we are watching their un-American actions.

And guess what? Americans are not the only ones watching the Democrats, but so are Al Qaeda, as evidenced by the latest video release from their #2 man, Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri. In this video Zawahiri states that the Surrender Bill passed by Congressional Democrats (and a couple of turncoat Republicans to make it “bi-partisan”) is proof of American “frustration and failure.” You can read the complete transcript at Laura Mansfield’s website. Ms. Mansfield is a counter-terrorism expert and a frequent guest on Greg Allen’s The Right Balance.

So Democrats and select RINOs, how does it feel to know you are bringing aid and comfort to our enemy? Actually, maybe not comfort because in the video Zawahiri laments the fact that when we cut and run, “this bill will deprive us of the opportunity to destroy the American forces which we have caught in a historic trap.” I wonder (he said knowingly)…is there any difference between the word “trap” and “quagmire?” Not according to; the two words are synonymous. So not only does Dr. Zawahiri agree with Senator Reid and Democrats that we have failed in Iraq, but that we are in a quagmire.

And lest we forget and fail to give credit where credit is due, we must recognize the relentless efforts of the mainstream media in selling the Iraq War to America as a quagmire. I have to believe that they must be giddy and shocked that America once again has fallen for the “Vietnam is a quagmire” template; but then again they were probably counting on it.

So a congratulatory round of applause goes out to the anti-war left, the mainstream media, the Democrats, Al Qaeda, and the majority of novacained-brained Americans who have built an unholy alliance to bring the defeat of America. I know, I know, we haven’t really lost yet and that was only deflected by the once-used (and plenty of ink left) veto pen of President Bush. Actually, the President used a pen provided to him by the father of one of our fallen heroes.

You know what would be wonderful for America? I mean it would be as though the Hand of God had actually returned to our country and political and moral clarity once more prevailed and the fog of political correctness had been divinely lifted…if Democrats, the antiwar left, the MSM, and newly awakened Americans saw this Zawahiri video and were ashamed. Imagine their being ashamed for the role they played at emboldening our enemy and destroying the morale of our troops? Imagine if they see this as Frank Salvato so brilliantly portrays it as blood on their hands? It is not too late for us to turn the corner on this war. It is not too late for this country, at least the strong and no longer silent majority to stand up and resoundly drub congressional Democrats and the MSM for the role they have played in this.

Yeah, I know…but I serve a God who is still on His throne and is just waiting for America to call Him back into their lives. I love this country too much to give up. So who’s with me?

(Dave will be appearing Monday morning on Greg Allen’s show The Right Balance at 9:50 CST)