Folks, it seems that I acted too soon and took CPT Porter’s words to heart and it seems as though the young captain is under some intense pressure. Lance Fairchok, who writes for the New Media Journal and I work with, sent me the following email. Lance is in information operations:


The young Captain has caught a load of grief from Obamanistas in the army and he wants it to go away. His data was absolutely correct, quick in and out photo ops, that has been easy to verify. No meals with soldiers, no wounded visits, so the message the good Captain put out does not change. I don’t blame him for wanting his privacy back. The message needs to continue, Obama is a liar and panderer who uses the military for political gain, as all Democrats do.

I’m sure CPT Porter and his family has received more than their fair share of hate mail and so I understand trying to retract this email he sent out. This story’s originality was verified by another source and so we will keep it alive.

However my cautionary note still stands and I will strive harder to ensure I have as complete of accuracy before I publish something. It is getting harder and harder to sift for the truth but that just means I’ll have to work harder.