I have somewhat of a hodge-podge here today. First, good news about the initial success of The Talon blog over at Eagles Up! This is from our editor:

I’ve got some feedback and some news for you…We have been doing good, evidently better than I guessed. If I understand correctly, just after The Talon went on line, web hits for Eagles Up took a sharp move upward, obviously attributed to our page. I’ve been told that we now earn a web-rating of 6 in comparison to Vets For Freedom with a 4 and Michelle Malkin with a 7. I don’t understand the rating system completely, but it sounds good. Since VFF are very good guys, I’d really like to see them catch up to us; but then I’d also like to see us catch Michelle…If we all continue to prosper, perhaps we can put some of the leftie sites under the dirt. Apparently several of us have scored some individual column successes with columns earning links at other established websites, not our own. That’s more success. You guys are good, and I’ve gotten some brownie points for selecting you. Thanks. The only bad news is the good news – we’ve proved we can do it, so we’re expected to keep doing it. Not really bad news, because I’m confident we can.

It was later revealed that we had actually received a web rating of 5 which is still great news for the Talon. If you are not reading it everyday you should really start; yours truly posts a column there every Thursday. You can use the link here or it is part of my blog roll.

Second is Mr. Hype, Mr. Hypocrisy, Mr. Hanging Chad himself, Vice President Gore. Check out this little nugget of truth the MSM is ignoring. Hat tip to Greg Allen of The Right Balance for this great piece of info. Make sure you come back here after reading it:

Energy Guzzled by Al Gore’s Home in Past Year Could Power 232 U.S. Homes for a Month


Speaking of environmental wackos, check out this hilarious speech from the House floor:


I only laugh to keep from crying and pulling my hair out.

Lastly I want to introduce you to a wonderful man name Bob Huff.

Bob Huff

Like me Bob is a Gold Star Dad; he lost his daughter Sam to an IED in Iraq.

Sam Huff
Video Tribute to Sam

Unlike me, Bob is a talented musician and as a ministry he gives free copies of his CD to Gold Star families. Greg Allen is using some of Bob’s works for his bumper music. Bob’s music has touched me at so many levels. One, it is phenomenally good…it is all instrumental, very soothing and relaxing; two, it is so personal to me knowing that we are kindred spirits; and three, that Bob is doing this out the kindness of his heart. Please visit Bob’s website and buy his CD for you and for your friends.