Folks, if you remember the coverage of the Fort Hood shootings, you saw a media, including FOXNews with Shepard Smith primarily, refusing to call the attack was it was.

Well there is a new media outlet that some of you are very familiar with because my late son Eddie’s articles were published there as have many of mine.

The Managing Editor of the New Media Journal Frank Salvato is a close friend of the Jeffers family.

Frank Salvato

Frank Salvato

Frank has done what my pastor calls peeling the onion back in his latest editorial. Please pass this far and wide. Liberal political correctness is killing our soldiers and it needs to stop! Click the banner below to read Frank’s brilliant piece.

I also wanted to post a column from another close friend, a dear brother in Christ who goes after the media with both barrels. Erik Rush, known as the Other Rush, is another brilliant writer who needs to be read far and wide.

Erik Rush

Erik Rush

A week ago Thursday’s column on World Net Daily titled “Enemies of the 1st Amendment” is an indictment against abusers of their First Amendment rights.

You can read the rest of Erik’s articles, including this week’s column, at his archive page at WND.

Please be sure to peruse both of these great patriots’ websites. Frank’s New Media Journal is an excellent gathering place to get your morning news and his BasicsProject website is where America needs to turn to become better citizens.

Erik’s website is a must visit too if you’re tired of all the political correctness.

Thanks in advance for supporting my friends.

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