May is the National Military Appreciation Month and the USO every year conducts a wonderful way to give back to the troops. Quoting their website:

“Due to heightened security, the military no longer accepts letters and packages marked for delivery to “Any Service Member.” Through the Operation USO Care Package program, you can sponsor a care package for $25 and send a personal message of support and thanks to a service member. Care packages include requested items such as prepaid international phone cards, sunscreen, snacks, travel size toiletries and a personal message of support.”

I know times are tough for many economically, so if you cannot sponsor a service member by yourself, you could possibly get four other friends to sponsor a troop together. You get to write a personal note to the service member so all five names can go on the message.

I’ve been sending a care package every year since 2002 and its great knowing you can reach and touch one of our fine military service members with a personal note.

God bless and thanks in advance!


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