Eddie in the News

The Tuscaloosa News has done a very nice article about Eddie.

The article is titled, “Daleville soldier’s writings impacted thousands,” and I want to thank Jane Self for being so kind, considerate of my family’s feelings, and for writing such a nice tribute about Eddie.

I encourage you to read more of Jane’s work of tribute to the sacrifice the great state of Alabama has made. Please visit “Fallen Warriors.”


3 thoughts on “Eddie in the News”

  1. Dave, that was a beautiful tribute! My eyes teared up plenty while reading it~ the part about “Stevie” and her Eddie Broom is so sweet!! You both (you and Tina) raised a beautiful boy~ I have to admit, I’m kind of envious about the fact that Eddie was an easy child to raise 😉 but he really was a special kind of person. I’m always so grateful to him because now I know you. God Bless you all, and thank you for giving us a chance to know Eddie a little too~ love Carolyn

  2. Thanks Dave, and to Tina for keeping Eddie’s memory and message alive. I just gave “Hope Rides Alone” to my English professor last night. I just felt compelled to. I didn’t know that Eddie wanted to be a writer but his sacrifice to fight for this country did not squash that dream. He has made more of an impact as a writer than many who have done it their whole lives.
    God’s Blessings to you,

  3. This is the article I was referring to when I told you in the post below this one that I was referring to as reading and sharing. As I stated, I believe it is important to encourage people when they do great things so that they know we appreciate it and we are out here. Thank you for letting us know where to find it! Have a great day.

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