3 thoughts on “Preparation or Anesthetization”

  1. WOW- Dave and Dino , that was an excellent article and your insight is SPOT ON! We do seem to be following in the footsteps that led to Eurabia! I hate to say it, because I know there are still many God fearing people who Love this wonderful country who are still willing to fight for her- but I fear that Biblically, this country is not going to survive as we know it. I still will always continue to pray for our country- even those who want to destroy it in the name of globalism- and for our troops daily, and I know God hears (as I’ve been paying much attention to your morning devotions Dave!) but I am also learning that God’s Will will be done. I thank Him that He is a patient and forgiving God- but as Jefferson said, I tremble for this country because His justice can not rest forever. GodBless you two- Dino, great job and I look forward to reading more- Dave, thanks as always for passing this along. Have a wonderful Sunday! Carolyn 🙂

  2. That is really a good article. I hadn’t thought about the desensitization device of saying there will be an attack to get people used to the idea. If anything, I thought it would be the opposite: that the media would say, “Ah, it’ll never happen.” In either case, when we lose a city, we will give up our freedoms to our government unless God gives us a better leader. :O May that day of throwing away American freedom never come, God!!!!!

  3. Well Christopher, if we as Americans do not wake up, speak out and demand an end to PC, then tackle the left agenda, we will (as I wrote in the article) be facing the fall of this great nation. We WILL go the way of Europe who is now headed in the direction of becoming an Islamic continent. Just look at what is going on in Detroit (Islamic Capital USA). American should NEVER say it cannot happen here, because it has, and Detroit is the launch pad for their ulitmate goal of an evolutionary conversion to Islam.

    We must stand now and fight this before the cancer causes the country to succumb .

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