Grim Fairy Tales

I thought I would fit in between the two parts of JB Williams’ conservative manifesto my latest article on the New Media Journal.

I’ve ventured into the realm of writing fairy tales, but not of the sort of the beloved Grimm Brothers; no alas, this fairy tale is quite grim.

Please go to my latest article at NMJ titled “Grim Fairy Tales.”

Check back in here and tell me if there is a future in the fairy tale writing business or not.


4 thoughts on “Grim Fairy Tales”

  1. That was a very effective way of communicating what was on your heart! I wish we had more people thinking for themselves and looking at the consequences of our current path. I never thought I’d get so involved in politics, formerly thinking that the issues of family values and national security would never get to such a crisis point. It’s clear as a bell what is at stake in the 2008 election. I pray, more than I ever thought I’d need to, that people will wake up to these things and think for themselves, rather than being spoon-fed by our fascist media. We wouldn’t be stuck with three leftist candidates if people were grounded in Christianity instead of socialism. They would have seen what the media is trying to do. And it’d be clear that the media is cooperating with people who want to weaken America’s moral and economic infrastructure.

    Anyway, nice job, Dave, and I like your knight icon!

  2. It would be a cliffhanger and a very entertaining tale if it weren’t so true. As it is, seems more like a erotic horror novel to me ;-0 . God Bless you Dave- keep them coming!

  3. Dave:

    Maybe you should state that any resemblance to any person…….dead or alive………is purely intentional. Right on!!!!!

  4. If that won’t do, then say: Any resemblance to any person…..dear or alive…… is purely unintentional!

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