Kind of a shocking headline isn’t it? It shouldn’t even be news because Hillary has been lying for a while. That’s the gist of my new article “Hillary is a Liar” at the New Media Journal. While you’re reading about Hillary lying, read Chris Adamo’s article titled “Stop the Presses! Hillary Lied!”

Chris writes about how the national media have been ignoring both Bill and Hillary Clinton’s lies and drinking the Clinton Kool-Aid. While were talking about the Left, go ahead and read Frank Salvato’s latest editorial “The Insolent Arrogance of the Progressive-Left.”

You’ll want to read the editorial last; it will have your blood boiling and you may need to go for a walk afterwards.

These three articles are three more reasons why conservatives and evangelicals have got to join together to stop the shift of this country to the Left. We cannot let Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton win the White House.

Are you listening Ann Coulter?