Inner Fire Music

Inner Fire 3

Folks, you want to buy this CD before this group becomes famous so you can say you knew about them before they got real big!

Go to their website Inner Fire Music and read all about them and get your CD. As their producer says about them, “Working with Bernie, Faith and Johnna was a complete joy for me! I enjoy working with amazingly talented people with a heart for ministry. I truly believe that InnerFire will be a household name in Gospel Music very soon!”.

You can also see them at their MySpace page.

Now as a matter of full disclosure I have to say that I am Bernie and Faith Joyner’s uncle. Before you’re amazed that there would be any musical talent on my part, Faith is my wife Karen’s niece. Faith is the daughter of Karen’s brother Randy, so you can see that I married up!

Notwithstanding, please pass the word about this wonderful up and coming Christian group; the Lord is going to bless their ministry and you’re going to want to be a part of it. You can listen to their songs at their website and then order the CD through PayPal for only $15, including S&H! When you order your CD tell them you heard about Inner Fire on the Salt and Light blog, just so I can thank all of you.

God bless!


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  1. Married up aside Dave 😉 It’s always cool when you canbrag on family talent! I’ve put their website up on my favorites and will visit and maybe buy a CD when circumstances permit! God Bless them and let thier inner fire stay lit and hot for Him! God bless you too!

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