Here’s a copy of the email I sent to Fox News about Susan Estrich’s latest commentary:

Ms. Estrich’s latest commentary gives a wonderful insight into the liberal mind. Here are a few of the revealing comments in quotation marks with my commentary in italics:

“It used to be that you could have fun with interviews with the foreign press, knowing that nothing you said would make it back to any voters until long after the election was over, if ever. Say goodbye to those days; say hello to Matt Drudge.” Oh for the good old days when liberals could go overseas, protest against America, make whatever disparaging remarks about America and Americans without being held responsible for our words. Drat that Matt Drudge!

“Her description of the New York senator as ‘a monster’ was all over the place, beginning with the much-read DrudgeReport, within hours, as were some of her other juicy quotes, which clearly had not been meant for an American audience.” Translation: “Of course if I knew that my talking behind Senator Clinton’s back would ever get back to her, I would have never said such a cowardly thing.” Drat that Matt Drudge!

“Of course, Power really didn’t mean any of it. Or so she now is being forced to say, after the comments caused the explosion they did. Sen. Obama apologized. Power resigned from her unpaid position in the campaign.” Translation: While Professor Power meant every word she said, of course she would have never said it had she known she would be held accountable for it. Now because her cowardly remarks were published she has to say she didn’t mean any of it. Drat that Matt Drudge!

“People hate negative tactics, but the fact is, as the 3 a.m. ad demonstrates, they can be very effective. How to fight them without getting covered with mud is the challenge Obama and his advisers must confront. All I can say, to quote Professor Power, is “Ergh.” This is the “ergh” period of the campaign, and it’s not likely to end soon.” How do you avoid “getting covered with mud?” Stop throwing it into the wind. Liberals still think they own the media. Drat that Matt Drudge!

As Rush Limbaugh always says, “Liberals will always be liberals above all else.”