So far the last posting is bring some well-thought out comments.

I need all of you to do me a personal favor; I want all of you to buy a book by Buzz Patterson. It is titled, War Crimes: The Left’s Campaign to Destroy Our Military and Lose the War on Terror.

First of all, Buzz used part of Eddie’s letter Hope Rides Alone, but more importantly, Buzz outlines how the Left is doing everything in its power to make sure we lose the war on terror. I cannot personally allow that too happen; it cost my family too much.

If anyone actually thinks that teaching the GOP a lesson and letting the Dems takeover the White House is a good idea, you need to read this book and then get back to me.

Buy a copy for yourself and if you have a teen going off to college definitely give him or her a copy for his or her dorm room desk. Buzz’ chapter on America’s universities by itself is worth the cost of the book.

There is more at stake than I fear people actually realize.