I’m trying to decide what should be the acceptable grade to be considered a conservative. Seventy-five percent seems a little low because that is a mid-level “C” grade which is just average, but can’t we do better? Having said that and using 75% as a measuring rod, here are the “RINOs” up for reelection in 2008 with their 2006 ratings and lifetime ratings in parenthesis from the American Conservative Union (http://www.acuratings.org/2006all.htm#MN)

Alaska Ted Stevens 64 (64.5)

Colorado Open—no RINO allowed…we are losing a strong conservative in Wayne Allard (retiring)

Maine Susan Collins 48 (53.9)

Minnesota Norm Coleman 68 (75.3)

Mississippi Thad Cochran 67 (80.3) (hopefully a “noogie” from the NFRA will fix

Nebraska Chuck Hagel 75 (82.5) (I wouldn’t care if he had a lifetime of 90; he’s gotta go for backdooring Bush)

New Mexico Pete Domenici 75 (74.3) (Wow, he had a good year!) :>/ we need new blood in NM

Oregon Gordon Smith 72 (74.5) anti-troop surge

S. Carolina Lindsey Graham 83 (90.6) (his vote with the Gang of 14 deserves total annihilation

Tennessee Lamar Alexander 72 (84.3) we need to get his attention too

Virginia John Warner 64 (80.8), he’s old; a moral relativist; part of Gang of 14 aka 7 Dwarves…wave bye bye John, Allen needs to run again

Dems up for reelection that we need to go after are:

Arkansas Mark Pryor 20 (23.5) he’s the genius that came up with the secret withdrawal from Iraq

Delaware Joe Biden 4 (13.4) he needs to go no matter what

Illinois Dick Durbin 4 (6.7) play his video of comparing troops to the gulags, show him as anti-military and weak on defense

Iowa Tom Harkin 8 (8.6) remind Iowans that he backed Howard Dean in ’04 primaries

Louisiana Mary Landreau 24 (20.6) we need to get behind House Republican Bobby Jindal, solid conservative 92 (96)

Mass. John Kerry 12 (5.6) yea, I know but I can dream anyway…anyway we can kick Massachusetts out of the Union?

Michigan Carl Levin 8 (7.1) we need to go after him as hard as we do Durbin

Montana Max Baucus 8 (14) we have to take this seat back for the loss of Conrad Burns; state is too red for this lib!

New Jersey Frank Lautenberg 0 (5.2) illegitimate but NJ is probably a lost cause like most of the Northeast

Rhode Island Jack Reed 4 (7.2) ditto

South Dakota Tim Johnson 12 (19.6) glad he’s recovering from illness, but we need another Thune, whom Johnson almost lost to.

W. Virginia Jay Rockefeller 10 (9.6) another lib I’d like to see go; he can be had if we find a strong conservative.