An excerpt of my thoughts on the passing of Ted Kennedy was included in the American Thinker’s blog post “Ted Kennedy Dead.” Thanks to Thomas Lifson for including me on a very busy news day.

Here are my thoughts in their entirety:

About this time last year at my youth pastor’s home we were fellowshipping, enjoying a barbecue meal and the topic of politics came up. One of the men asked me what I thought of Senator Ted Kennedy’s brain cancer. I said if Ted Kennedy dies and Obama and the Democrats sweep into power that TeddyCare, his dream of universal health care, would become a reality.

Forgive my cynicism and while my prayers go out to Senator Kennedy’s grieving family and friends, I know all too well the Beltway in general and Republicans specifically. The senator’s death is magic elixir to the life-support victim known as ObamaCare.

After the lionization is over; the casket is removed from the Capitol Rotunda, and the senator is laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery next to his brothers, the Democrats at the prodding of Rahm “never waste a crisis” Emanuel will come out with a revised health care plan in honor of the late and “great” Ted Kennedy.

As Thomas Paine once wrote, “these are the times that try men’s souls”, our elected Republican representatives in Congress are going to be tested. Will they be able to stand up to the vitriol sure to come if they oppose TeddyCare? Will they be able to overcome the wave of emotion during the Teddy hero-worship that will no doubt come from the Democrats and their public relations firm, the mainstream media?

The Republican Party will no doubt crumble under the pressure if we the people are not there to man the ramparts of their crumbling spines.

We conservatives are going to have to be the badge of courage our Republican Cowardly Lions are going to need in the days ahead.

    The strength and power of despotism consists wholly in the fear of resistance. — Thomas Paine

Copyright © 2009 David Jeffers


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