Sorry, I just love those Yankee accents. I’m home with a gouty ankle so I thought I would pontificate for a moment.

Surprise, surprise, surprise! The pollsters were totally wrong, and for a very good reason.

The turnout models that pollsters are using are not considering the large voter turnout that we’ve seen in both Iowa and New Hampshire. It’s great for America when we can get 70-75% of eligible voters out there voting, particularly if they are informed. Also, nearly 1 out of 5 voters are making their decision when they go into the voting booth. This tells me one of two things is happening if not both; folks are taking this vote very seriously and/or they’re having a hard time making up their mind.

Nevertheless, congratulations to Hillary Clinton for an amazing comeback. Let it be known that unlike most Conservatives, I am rooting for Hillary to win the Democratic nomination because I think she’s easy to beat in the general election. Not so with Barack Obama. If you’ve not seen his speeches after Iowa and last night in New Hampshire, this guy is good and comes off as authentic. I for one believe he is authentic, an authentic socialist that is. I wrote about Obama’s genuineness in a New Media Journal article titled, “Losing My Religion.”

Are voters going to look beyond the charisma, eloquence, youth, and passion and look at Obama’s stances? Let’s hope so! My dear friend Greg Allen of The Right Balance sent me this article about the GOP which is good news to me. It tells me they learned their lesson from 2006 and are not counting on a turnout message to win the day.

The Chairman of’s Rod Martin wrote an excellent article on this subject a couple of days after the 2006 election and it rings truer today than when he wrote it.

As for the GOP, I’m not as sold on this being a two-way race between Romney and McCain. I think Huckabee is a very viable candidate, especially with RINO voters and “moderate evangelicals” (an oxymoron), and if you look at the national polls (I know, but it’s all I got), it is still a five-way race. Romney and Thompson are beginning to slip out of contention, which delights me with the former and depresses me with the latter!

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