I just got a call from Congressman John Boehner’s people. Republican Boehner is the House Minority Leader. He had an exciting announcement to share with me; somewhat of an exclusive of which he would be releasing to the public tomorrow.

Sit down if you’re not and take a deep breath because I’m about to give you some inside the Beltway info.

John Boehner is going to challenge Nancy Pelosi for the House Speakership!


I too could hardly contain myself!

But maybe not for the same reason as you.

It was around 3:45 central time on a pleasant Sunday afternoon that I received this call.

On Sunday

The Lord’s Day…

I told the nice man that I didn’t want to shoot the messenger; that he was only doing his job; a job Boehner had him doing on Sunday.

I asked why would Boehner interrupt a restful Sunday afternoon of Republicans, many of them devout Christians, to announce a nonsensical campaign to unseat Pelosi in 2010 like they did in 1994, yadda…yadda…yadda.

I told the messenger that this was just another example of Mr. Boehner’s lack of judgment and if I was the man I would immediately contact Boehner headquarters and tell them the congressman had badly miscalculated the effectiveness of contacting people on Sunday.

I told him that I fully expected the House to return to Republican control in 2010 but that I would not be supporting Boehner for Speaker of the House.

He started to speak about defeating this or that and I told him that I supported strong conservative causes and I support my congressman Jeff Miller from Florida’s 1st District.

I also told him that Congressman Miller would never contact his constituents on Sunday to do politics or fundraising. I told the man it is because Mr. Miller is worshipping the Lord on Sunday.

I told him apparently Mr. Boehner was not doing the same thing.

I also told the nice man (I wish I could remember his name) that it was obvious to me that the Lord Jesus Christ was not at the center of Mr. Boehner’s life because if the Lord was Mr. Boehner would not stoop to some clumsy and clueless campaign stunt such as he did.

I told him to pass on to Mr. Boehner to put Jesus first in his life and the rest would work itself out.

The somewhat-by-this-time-befuddled man wished me the Lord’s blessing and I said God bless you to him and ended the call.

Random House Dictionary defines the adjective bonehead as “being of, by, or for a stupid or unthinking person: a bonehead mistake.”

You think?

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