So much going on in the presidential race and news being made by the polls, it’s easy to find yourself “knee deep in the hoopla.” What with “Omentum,” “Huckaboom,” “Romney is a Conservative,” “Hillary’s Sorry,” “Fred’s Fizzle, “Rudy’s Ruin,” and a host of other news story, what’s a voter to do?

Simple…get out of the news bubble. Here’s my take on some of this mess and for full disclosure I want everyone to know that I am supporting Fred Thompson for President (There! I said it!!)

As far as Oprah Winfrey supporting Barack Obama, she definitely has a lot of clout, but it will only translate to a possible victory in the primaries and not the general election. I’ve been saying for two years now that Hillary Clinton is not a lock for the White House nor is she a lock for the nomination. Her ship is definitely listing to one side.

Mike Huckabee’s rise to political stardom is definitely breath-taking but time will tell if it is a Roman candle rise or the stuff of satellites. He is finding the spotlight quite hot and so far he’s handled himself quite well. Mike Huckabee is a fine man with the most executive experience of all candidates, yet I’m not sold on his economic policies, fearful of his nanny-state tendencies, and unless he brings on a big hitter in the foreign policy arena, I’m worried about where our foreign policy will lead to. If his ambush on Bush yesterday is any indication, I think we’ll be doing the “please like me” more than the “trust but verify” approach. As time marches on and if he’s still in the hunt after Super Tuesday in February, he could bring on Duncan Hunter (he’s alluded to that) or even John McCain to bolster that weak spot.

Romney: setting aside my concerns of his Mormonism, and they are huge (yeah, I know; I’m a bigot, so sue me), if the former Governor of Massachusetts was a member of my Southern Baptist church here in Gulf Breeze, FL, I doubt I would vote for him. His “convenient” switches from being a moderate (a liberal ashamed of his/her political leanings) to being a conservative is just, well, too convenient. Gregg Jackson, a godly man and excellent political pundit, has written a fine expose on Mr. Romney. Check out “Romney Hoax Fails To Fool Evangelicals That He Is a Conservative” – This is spot on!

Now I know that people change, but I want you to watch this performance of Romney debating Ted Kennedy and compare it with his current performances. The only differences is in what he says, he still looks like a “used car salesman,” as Gregg describes him.

Call it paranoia, but I just do not trust that man.

And then there’s Hillary; man this is fun to watch. Good thing she’s not a man with all her fence straddling and recent foot slipping. Here is just a sample of the commentary, both liberal and conservative, on Hillary’s troubles:

The knives come out in Camp Hillary (The Daily Kos) Liberal Blog (Don’t let the name fool you; very liberal blog)
“Is Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Bid Headed For A Great Fall?”
Hill’s Big Goof by Dick Morris
Is It Really the End for Hillary? by Rush Limbaugh

So is Fred Thompson really in trouble? If you watch the news? Yes! If you base the voting bloc on how you view Thompson in a speech? Absolutely! Does this necessarily translate into losing the nomination? Um, not even close. My good friend Bubba at What Bubba Knows (you might want to see his picture before you make a disparaging remark), has linked to a fantastic blog post titled, “Fret Not, Fredheads” and the writer, Michael Gene Hendrix aka “Mike,” gives us a much needed reminder about the real state of politics. Also, Quin Hilyer writes in The American Spectator that “Fred Ain’t Dead” yet.

As for America’s Mayor, Rudy is damaged goods and he is the actual candidate who the Dems want to run against. I know, I know, but Dave they said they want Huckabee and they’ll trounce him or they say they want Fred because he’s too old…yadayadayada! Grab your brown paper bag and breathe into it slowly.

Rudy Giuliani is the worst choice the GOP could make. First, he’s pro-choice stance is a non-starter for the majority of evangelicals (hush, we’ve already had this conversation), and second, this Bernie Kerik indictment hits way too close to Rudy. Here is just a sample of what the Democrats will roll out should Rudy win the GOP nomination: “Giuliani’s Longtime Support of Indicted Figure is Latest Chapter of Republican Culture of Corruption”

Or how about this for a campaign ad by the Dems: Howard Dean comes on and says, “America you have a choice, you can vote for change in America and vote Democrat or you can vote for a man who likes to change clothes depending on his/her mood. If you vote Republican, here’s what you can expect from President Giuliani” and they cut to this video:

Nice, real nice…

Let’s cut to the chase and how about visiting the candidates website or better yet go to my good friend Carolyn Elkins’ blog, “Keepin’ It Straight in 2008,” where she’s done all the work for you. Read their positions and then decide for yourself.

Lastly, since I’m supporting Thompson and this is my blog, I just have to share some videos with you. Have a great weekend!

No hand shows

What Fred would do first when elected

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Biggest Obstacle to Education Reform: NEA

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