I wanted to share an email Frank Salvato of the New Media Journal sent me in reply to my thanking him for publishing Eddie’s second article, “Freedom Feels Good.”  Frank has given me permission to print this and it shows the heart and soul of this great patriot:


As I said originally, I consider facilitating the advancement of truth and reality to be a civic responsibility. While Eddie is sacrificing his heart, soul and body so that others can drink from the cup of freedom, I consider it a duty to embrace my responsibility to do what I can to make sure people know the truth.
When we understand that each one of us has ownership in the covenant forged between government and the people – the Constitution – we tend to want to be better caretakers, better stewards to the principles held within; it becomes apparent that we are charged with preserving the freedoms and principles so that they shall not – as Lincoln so aptly said – perish from the Earth.
In short, I do it because I have a duty to.

Please support the New Media Journal with your attention, finances, and prayers.  This is truly the alternative media, the antidote to the MSM.  Thanks!