Yesterday was my son Eddie’s birthday. He would have been 29 years old. I sent my dear friend Mark Levin a quick note only because I knew he would want to be reminded. Little did I know that Mark would dedicate a good portion of his show to honoring the memory of Eddie.

Karen and I drove to Eddie’s favorite restaurant here in NW Florida to celebrate his birthday. I even ate the massive seafood platter that Eddie would devour. We drove along the Gulf Coast and through the drive we got to hear this wonderful tribute to our son. As we arrived at the restaurant, Mark finished reading Eddie’s famous “Hope Rides Alone” letter. Only God could have orchestrated that.

Thank you my dear friend Mark. It was a wonderful evening in large part to your tribute to our son.

I’ve edited Mark’s tribute into two parts for the sake of time and space, but you can listen to his show in its entirety at this link.

Mark on Eddie Intro
Mark reads Eddie’s letter