Okay, you take over a major organization and two of your predecessors are vocal opponents of yours, very critical of your performance, even though public criticism is considered a break with tradition and in poor taste. Here are some examples of their criticism:

“…the worst in history…”

“…overt reversal of America’s basic values…”

“…quite often deliberately misled the American people…” (aka lying)

You’ve got to understand, this is consistent with their philosophy…(they) believe that they should be able to do what they want to do, and that the law is a minor obstacle.”

“…I don’t agree with what was done…it was a big mistake…”

You’ve reached out to these two; even had them over and sought their advice, but nevertheless you get stabbed in the back everytime you turn around. It’s like you’re George McFly with a kick me sign on.

So your foreign affairs representative is trying to broker an impossible deal, but you’re trying anyway and what does this bright employee of yours do? This person invites those two to give advice on one of your most important overseas deals! Okay, you’re the boss; what do you do with said employee? Fire him or her? At least publicly reprimand? Something! I would definitely have to reconsider my judgment in hiring this person.

Well this make believe scenario is not fiction; yes, once again fact is stranger than fiction. It seems that Secretary of State Rice is searching out Middle East peace advice from former Presidents Carter and Clinton. As the Church Lady likes to say, “Isn’t that special?”

I think the only sensible thing to do, in light of the Bush’s Administration limited advisory resources, would be for Secretary of Defense Gates to get military advice from Senators Harry Reid and John Kerry, and to fix the health care problems in America, HHS Secretary Leavitt could seek advice from Hillary Clinton and Michael Moore. Or we can get Teddy Kennedy to advise on immigration and education…oh wait, we already did that!

It’s kinda like hitting your head with a hammer and wondering why you have a headache! 8-|