Last night after I finished my correction post about the “Cash for Clunkers” program, something did not sit right with me about the Snopes post.

Just before bed I figured it out; I was just too tired to write about it.

But think about this…and I’ve asked the folks this question:

    Does the program allow the government to collect information off of a dealer’s computer and does that computer become the property of the United States Government?

The Privacy and Security Act statement as of August 3, 2009 states in part:

    Furnishing the information is voluntary, but failure to provide all or part of the information may result in disapproval of your request for a credit on this purchase or lease transaction under the Cars Program. The principal purposes for collecting the information are to determine if purchase or lease transactions are eligible for credits under CARS program, to ensure proper disposal of trade-in vehicles, and to update the existing government database on Vehicle Identification Numbers.

Random House Dictionary defines principal as “first or highest in rank, importance, value.” So my question to the United States Government on behalf of the dealers across America participating in this program, do you have any other purposes for collecting the information?

If a dealer, particularly a GM dealer, refuses to participate in this program to protect their privacy, do they have any reason to fear future government-sanctioned dealership closings?

If a dealer has already participated in this program and realizes that his or her privacy is now at stake and refuses to continue in the program, will the government agree to reimburse the dealer for cars already sold under the program?

And here’s a question for we consumers who are not under this program:

Are We the People okay with the government basically intruding upon small businessmen under the auspices of government program oversight?

Just some things to think about during your day today.

Have a blessed one!

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