This is the first of many special orders that I will be issuing to members of The Ride. If we are to be “what America is about” as Eddie wrote of in Hope Rides Alone, then we need to be organized, focused, and determined.

Since my first call to Ride in my tribute to Eddie, Hope Rides Eternal, many of you have signed up and the response to “General Orders for The Ride” has been outstanding. Cliff Jones, who I am designating The Ride Operations Officer, wrote: “We are ready, General Orders in hand, awaiting more specific targets, ‘Let’s Roll!”

Very well Cliff, here is our first target:

Yeah, I know…me too! In case you’ve missed their latest attack on all that is good about America, especially our brave military heroes, and even if you didn’t miss it, I want you to take another look at what they wrote of our great patriot General David Petraeus:

NY Times Petraeus Ad

Are you outraged for the first time or again? Good thing we have Congress on our side to denounce such a heinous ad. Yes, thank goodness for the Senate’s resolution denouncing the NY Times, and hey, it only took 10 DAYS FOR THEM TO PASS IT!!!! And so thankful that it was unanimous…as Lee Corso likes to say, “Not so fast my friend.” Twenty-five Senators voted no, and you’re probably thinking who would vote no? Just read the NY Times’ own article titled, “Senate Approves Resolution Denouncing Ad”

Did that little ol’ Senate resolution put in it’s place? If you believe that, then you do not know very well. Actually, it has emboldened them and they are starting a petition drive that states, “I will not be quiet, I will fight back, and I will keep speaking out until Congress forces an exit plan for this awful war.”

You have to give them credit; they are organized, focused, and determined.

So how do we counter such a movement? Begin one of our own? Sure, there are a number of them out there, but they are all wannabes. The antidote to, one that can actually counter them, is an organization that actually patterns itself after it. One thing about MoveON is it is effective, albeit leftist.

So who is this organization? None other than the one that sponsors this blog, Allow me the privilege of introducing to you my dear brother in Christ and founder and Chairman of TheVanguard, Rod Martin. Now when you read Rod’s bio you will no doubt be impressed, but do not let his credentials give you the wrong idea; Rod is one of the most down-to-earth, well-grounded men the Lord has blessed my life with as a friend.

Rod is very politically astute and is supported by a cast of some of the biggest hitters in the conservative movement. The Senior Leadership of TheVanguard is made up of some of the finest and talented people, and the Board of Advisors reads like a Who’s Who of the Conservative Movement. Rod has also received a number of “attaboys” from people most of us only dream of meeting, much less having impacted their lives.

So your first special order is to join It doesn’t cost you any money, but it costs money to support such an organization, so please prayerfully consider giving a financial gift to I know that talking money is touchy, as my pastor is fond of saying, the most sensitive nerve is the one that runs from your brain to your wallet, but if we are going to actually make a difference, it will take all our resources: time, talents, and treasures.

Thank you for your time…you have your orders…so let’s move out!