Charlie Rangel

    Charlie Rangel

    “The health reform debate has brought together members with diverse opinions to work toward quality, affordable health care for all Americans. I am particularly pleased that today’s agreement solidifies the creation of a public health insurance option that will promote competition and ensure choice.” Congressman Charles B. Rangel

Ah yes, choice except you choose not to participate in the public option, do you Congressman?

As a matter of fact you and 22 Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee rejected a Republican Congressman’s amendment that seems only fair. This is from House Republican Leader John Boehner’s website:

    Rep. Dean Heller (R-NV) offered an amendment in the Ways & Means Committee that would have required Members of Congress to enroll immediately in the government-run health plan that would be established under the Democratic bill. Rep. Joe Wilson (R-SC) offered an amendment to put his committee on the record in support of enrolling Members of Congress in the government-run plan as well. While the Wilson amendment was approved by voice vote in the Education & Labor Committee, the Heller amendment was killed in the Ways & Means Committee at the behest of Speaker Pelosi and Chairman Rangel.

Regardless of your party affiliation, Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, Constitution, America’s Independent, Green, etc, it should be a fair request of your US Representative to partake in the same health care of which you will be expected eventually to enroll.

Below is the list of House Ways and Means Committee members who voted down the Heller Amendment (by state and district). If you live in any of these districts or know someone who does, would you or your friend please call their office, email and fax them, and attend any public hearing they have on health care and ask them if the health care bill is good for the goose (us) why isn’t it good enough for the gander (them)?

Find your congressman

Charlie Rangel New York 15th
Pete Stark California 13th
Sander Levin Michigan 12th
Jim McDermott Washington 7th
John Lewis Georgia 5th
Richard Neal Massachusetts 2nd
John Tanner Tennessee 8th
Xavier Becerra California 31st
Lloyd Doggett Texas 25th
Earl Pomeroy North Dakota, At-Large
Mike Thompson California 1st
John B Larson Connecticut 1st
Earl Blumenaur Oregon 3rd
Ron Kind Wisconsin 3rd
Bill Pascrell Jr. New Jersey 8th
Joseph Crowley New York 7th
Chris Van Hollen Maryland 8th
Kendrick Meek Florida 17th
Allyson Schwartz Pennsylvania 13th
Danny K. Davis Illinois 7th
Bob Etheridge North Carolina 2nd
Linda Sanchez California 39th
Brian Higgins New York 27th

Additionally, hat tip to Mary Starrett of Pesky Emotional Republican for this story:

    Louisiana Congressman John Fleming is sponsoring a bill saying if the public health plan is so wonderful then members of Congress should sign up for the new plan they’re touting and forego their Cadillac plan.

So far there are 61 Republican co-sponsors to Congressman Fleming’s bill. Please check this list and if you do not see your congressman on the list, your other assignment is to demand that your US Representative sign on as a co-sponor to this bill, regardless of party affiliation.

My fellow Americans we have much work to rescue America…let us get busy and not let down posterity!

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