…that’s the advice my pastor gave me as standards for writing.

Is what I am writing doctrinally and factually sound?

Is what I am writing edifying to the Lord Jesus Christ and the Church?

Is what I am writing making sense to the readers?

My last post “Multitasking” went 2 out of 3; it missed the sacred principle.

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First off I gave the impression that the person I identify as “Respondent” was acting elitist or addressing me with a “haughty sniff.”

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The respondent was not being elitist or disrespectful but was seeking information.

This person is interested in sharing ideas with me and getting my response.

That is the goal of this blog, “To bring political and moral clarity into the fog of political correctness” and the exchange of and response to ideas are key in communication.

The second area I failed the sacred principle was in using “(insert haughty sniff here)”.

Now some may see that as harmless or even funny but I know the state of my heart when I wrote that and it was not pure and I pray I did not add to conflict. Confrontation in the arena of issues is one thing; we do not have to turn it into conflict by name-calling and using disparaging epitaphs.

I ask your forgiveness for that and commit to bringing only sound, sacred, and sensible writing to Salt and Light.

Have a blessed day!


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