I just called my two Florida Senators about senate bill 909 – aka Hate Crimes Legislation and this is what I found out:

Senator Nelson:

I called his Tallahassee office and the aide there was unaware of the bill and put me on hold to find out about it. She came back on about 2 minutes later and said the Senator had yet to release a statement about the bill.

I called his D.C. office and the young man immediately informed me that Senator Nelson is a co-sponsor of the bill. I told him that I oppose the bill and that there is a grass roots movement among churches in Florida to oppose any candidate who supports this bill. He noted my comments and was very polite; both aides were as a matter of fact.

Senator Martinez:

I called his D.C. office and the young man working there said that the Senator had no position so far on this bill.

Um? Senator Martinez, are you moving from RINO (Republican In Name Only) to ROAD (Retired On Active Duty)?

Senator, this issue has been around for quite a while now and to have no position is a sign of either weakness or ignorance, neither a desirable characteristic for a US Senator.

I know you are retiring Senator, one of the greatest decisions you have ever made as a Senator, but could you do Floridians a favor?

Would you please tell your fellow RINO Charlie Crist (whom you endorse) that conservatives expect our next Florida Senator to be vocally opposed to this sham hate crimes legislation?

That would be a real solid Mel!


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